Irving Osborne

Irving Osborne was born in the East End of London and moved to Slough during World War 2. The night his family moved to Slough in 1940 the house he was due to be moving into was bombed and he had to spend the night in Slough Social Centre.

This order of service is for the Slough and Windsor Synagogue from September 1955.

The Synagogue was situated in a house called Lyndhurst which was on Grove Road in Slough. The building was used a Synagogue until the mid 1960s.

Slough Social Centre was opened in 1937 after Sir Noel Mobbs, chairman of Slough estates, decided to that a centre was needed to provide opportunities for leisure activities for the people who worked on the rapidly expanding Slough trading estate.

It cost £45,000 to build and included a swimming pool and a dance hall.

During World War II, Baylis House in Slough housed the headquarters for the Air Raid Precaution. The ARP Warden's were members of the public who had two main duties. The first was to report any air raid damage to the authorities and call for help in the event of an attack. The second was to advise people of air raid risks and precautions, including making sure everybody carried their gas mask at all times.

This is a form that was used by the ARP to report Air Raid damage such as types of bombs, the roads that have been blocked and if there has been any casualties.