MYgration explores the important heritage of migration to Slough. Through intergenerational and intercultural interviews, the project has captured these important stories and histories of migration, and has made them accessible.

Slough has a very unique history of migration. Thousands of people have migrated to the town from across Britain and the world over the last 90 years, contributing to the town's diverse and vibrant community and history. The project explores the different 'waves' of migration to Slough, starting with the mass migration of people from Wales during the Great Depression in the 1930s searching for work on Slough Trading Estate, to waves of migration from countries across the world including Poland, the Caribbean, India, Pakistan and Somalia. To find out more about the different 'waves' of migration click here.

Supported by Slough Museum, young people at Aik Saath have led the project, recording and editing the interviews, and designing the project logo and the website/kiosk pages.

Thank you to all the young people at Aik Saath whose ideas and commitment have been so integral to the project's success, to those willing to share their inspiring stories of migration and be recorded, and to the Heritage Lottery Fund whose grant made the project possible.

Schools resources are available to download to support student exploration of migration and its impact.

MYgration Resources for Primary School

MYgration Resources for Secondary School