John Follett

John Follett was born in Jamaica. He came to England to join his then girlfriend, who later became his wife. He first lived in London, then moved to Slough and worked for many companies in Slough as an engineer.

The telephone was an invention which made it easier for people to communicate. Since it's invention in Victorian times the telephone has changed over time. From telephones like the one pictured here from 1946, to digital telephones and mobile phones which can access the internet!

Slough Trading Company Ltd was founded in 1920 and later changed the name to Slough Estates Ltd in 1926, who today operate as SEGRO. The Trading estate is the largest business park in Europe under single company ownership.

Over the years it has been the home of many different companies including Citroen, Johnson and Johnson, Mars, Sara Lee and more recently O2 and Blackberry.

Slough Arts Festival was established during World War II. In 1941 the first festival was held in Slough and brought together people from a variety of art forms including writing, photography, dance, drama and music.